About me

Study time

My name is Maria. I was born in a little town in Slovakia and as soon as I discovered the magic of books, I decided to visit all those mysterious places I read about. I went to Bilingual Spanish High School and did my “Bachillerato” in Zaragoza (Spain). A lot of summers I spent in the UK working. The Charles University in Prague has opened my world and Sinology studies brought me to two exchange years in China.

Freelance working life

I have started teaching Spanish in 2010 in Business Corporations. It did not take any time to get my first private students for Spanish and English. Teaching children and adults, 1to1 and groups gave me a lot of experience. Last 4 years I have been teaching mostly online and added Mandarin classes into my repertory. Translations and writing came along since 2012. I won a lot of literary competitions throughout the years and “ghostwrote” travel and lifestyle blogs. I translated business and e-shop websites, softwares, apps, articles, etc.

Travel pathway

As every millenial ever, travelling the world is the thing we do, because we can and I am very thankful to my ancestors and everyone before me to make this amazing life possible. I like to move to the country and live with the locals for (at least) few months. I have lived in Spain, England, Mexico, Portugal, Czechia, China, the Philippines, Indonesia and there is still so much to go for. New cultures, food, people, languages, I love to share these experiences with my students and in the articles and books I participate in.

“I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”